The all new secure, versatile, & ruggedly designed LifeVest Hanger ...even on windy days!

VestMate is a versatile rugged lightweight durable secure hanger designed to hold life vests!

Patent pending clip design allows the VestMate to hang from trees, boat towers, and a variety of other structures.

VestMate, Best Life Vest Cost Saver Rugged
VestMate, Life Vest for Kids Lightweight
VestMate, LifeVest Hanger Durable
  • VestMate<sup>™</sup> has a unique clip for secure no-fall hanging of your lifevest.
  • Best LifeVest Deals LifeVest Hanger
  • Best Life Vest Hanger
Versatile & Secure

VestMate Product Pictures

VestMate Features


Hang from trees, boat towers, and a variety of other structures


Holds at least 10 pounds


Open cell design reduces bulk & provides added strength


Thick, UV resistant ABS plastic


Designed to hold vests snugly even on windy days

Universal Fit

Fits all sizes of Life Vests


18 inch cable allows you to hang your life vest almost anywhere


The clip allows the hanger to rotate in the wind

Simple Usage

To use the VestMate, you simply secure the life vest’s two shoulder straps onto the two flat areas of the VestMate hanger.
Then take the cable and wrap it around a support like a bar, a boat tower, a cable line or a tree branch. Finally, you clip the cable back to itself... and the vest is secure.
Patent pending clip design allows the Vestmate to hang from trees, boattowers, and a variety of other structures.

VestMate Your Life Vest Solution!

"I used to dread dealing with soggy life vests after a day on the lake. Then I found the VestMate and this dreaded chore was out the door."

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If your store would like to feature VestMate please contact Corporate Sales. The VestMate is patent-pending and a truly one of a kind product. It was designed by a boat enthusiast for boat enthusiasts like you.

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